Theory Courses and Workshops


Solfeggio and Music Theory. Basic course - Collective lessons

The basic course allows young musicians to discover the fundamental elements of the musical world, such as sound, breath and rhythm, and to increase and develop their skills in mastering them.
The course is based on two main aspects:

1) Ear training

The goal of this discipline is to make musicians able to improve and trust their hearing skills through specific exercises. Ear training will permit the musicians to gain a firm control of the tuning, the ability of identifying intervals and chords, and therefore the skill of writing down musical dictation exercises, both monodic and polyphonic, and with a modulation. Furthermore, one of the most ambitious aims of ear training is developing the ability to imagine and reproduce accurately the exterior soundscape (that is, the whole sonorous stimuli we can perceive) inside one's mind.

2) Rhythmic consciousness

Young musicians approaching a course of solfeggio must develop a strong sense of pulse and, meanwhile, improve their musical reading skills. The course, at the beginning, will focus on physical exercises aimed at recreating rhythmic patterns with increasing complexity, and strengthen the ability to overlap them. Then, pupils will study the solfeggi parlati, i.e. rhythmic reading of the notes without tuning, maintaining a stable and unvaried pulse.
Cost: 250€ all the year

Solfeggio and Music Theory. Advanced course - Individual lessons

The advanced course is based on the traditional italian course of study: pupils must be able to read music in all seven clefs (with a preference for treble, bass, alto and tenor clefs) with increasing rhythmic complexity, and to sing medium-difficulty solfeggi in all major and minor keys. Students will practice every type of music dictation: rhythmic, melodic and harmonic up to three voices, with internal modulation.

The advanced course will offer the students the opportunity to learn music theory and to have a complete overview of musical notation.


Membership fee: 100€ (to be paid only if you are not enrolled in other Avos Project courses)

Attendance fee:

8h: 350€

16h: 640€

24h: 890€

All fees paid are refundable only in the event that the School does not activate the course or if Avos Project cannot guarantee the continuation of the course.

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