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Workshop - Improvisation for strings - 9th, 10th, 11th June 2022

Luca Ciarla presents workshops focusing on a creative approach for bowed string players. The experience gained over many years of teaching in American universities, in Hong Kong and at the Saint Louis College of Music in Rome, has brought him to develop an approach which allows classically trained players to jump into the fascinating world of improvisation. Among violinists and string players in general, the desire of learning how to improvise is spreading up more and more. Ethnic and folk traditions such as the Gypsy or the Indian, jazz music by the great Stéphane Grappelli and the Turtle Island String Quartet or the contemporary creations of Alexander Balanescu and Giovanni Sollima are getting wider attention and are now considered part of the established world of string playing. Luca Ciarla’s master classes and workshops are therefore an opening window on the realm of violin and string improvisation, through the analysis of several improvisational techniques and their application on instrument, the use of electronics and loop machines, the study of jazz and several ethnic and popular traditions. Focusing primarily on the constant search for a creative drive, true goal of any improvising musician, students will have the chance to develop their own artistic language and their own musical personality.

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