Opera Singing

Avos Project - Opera Singing

Teachers: Damiana Mizzi, Mariangela Sicilia (8-hour package only)
The course is aimed at professional or aspiring opera singers, graduates, undergraduates or postgraduates.
The course includes weekly/monthly meetings. Lessons will begin in October 2022 and will end in June 2023. Final concerts are scheduled in June 2023.

The course includes:

  • Package of lessons with Damiana Mizzi or Mariangela Sicilia (to be chosen from those proposed in the Costs section).
  • Possibility of supplementing the course with 10 hours of solfeggio and complementary piano (recommended).
  • Direct and exclusive access to the following courses: Intensive Course in Vocal Technique - Fernando Cordeiro Opa, Singing and Gyrokinesis Workshop - Francesca Sassu, Acting and Diction Course - Eleonora Gravagnola (the cost is separate).

Membership fee: €100.
All fees paid are refundable only in case the School does not activate the course or in case Avos Project could not guarantee the continuation of the course.

8 hours WITH solfeggio and piano€1100
8 hours WITHOUT solfeggio and piano€700
16 hours WITH solfeggio and piano (only Damiana Mizzi)€1400
16 hours WITHOUT solfeggio and piano (only Damiana Mizzi)€1000
24 hours WITH solfeggio and piano (only Damiana Mizzi)€1850
24 hours WITHOUT solfeggio and piano (only Damiana Mizzi)€1500
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Courses included


Maestro Fernando Cordeiro Opa's methodology proposes an 'innovative didactics' that stems from the diversity of professional experiences, skilfully coordinated to provide technical elements of high training quality. Specifically, Maestro Opa, an expert in voice physiology and advocate of 'dynamic' teaching, will focus on vocal technique and the singer's 'athletic' training. He has trained the likes of : Enea Scala, Raffaele Pe, Andrea Mastroni, Raffaella Lupinacci, Mariangela Sicilia...

The course is on a one-to-one basis, and involves the acquisition of the singer's body awareness, working on resolving each individual's problems and reinforcing confidence, working on vocal perception, making vocal emission firm.

First meeting: March 2023

The course is open to all musicians, including those from other branches, and is particularly recommended for piano accompanists for singers.

"If we start from the meaning of the word theatre, which originates from the Greek θέατρον (théatron), meaning "show" and from the verb θεαομαι (théaomai), meaning "I see", we realise that when we are in front of a theatrical performance, the spectator must not only be satisfied on an auditory level but also on a visual level. And if we choose melodrama or 'recitar cantando' as a theatrical performance, we cannot overlook the fact that this genre must be the result of the perfect combination of gestures, speech, vocals and music. Opera inevitably requires stage action to be combined with music and singing. This is why an opera singer is and must necessarily be an actor, an opera singer on stage must engage his whole person by coordinating voice/singing, body, thought to the music that enhances and completes the staging. The objective to be achieved is to build the Character to be interpreted by coordinating - singing, body, music - paying attention to the physical/psychological dynamics and interpersonal relationships with the other characters and with the space in which this action takes place". Eleonora Gravagnola

Course dates: 5-10 June 2023


This practical workshop, aimed at singers, explores many movement and breathing techniques with the aim of enhancing the technique of apnea and breath fluidity, the conscious use of core muscles and explores in depth the connection techniques between the rib cage and the pelvic floor. The aim of the workshop is to provide the student with practical tools for awareness, empowerment and connection with their body instrument through practical exercises, breathing techniques and moving vocalisations.

Course dates: 3-4 June 2023

Other Masterclasses

XIX Century Italian Chamber Music - Giulio Zappa and Mariangela Sicilia
May 2023

French Chamber Music - Karine Deshayes
November 2023

Russian Vocal Music - Giulio Zappa
1-2 June 2023

German Vocal Music - Ian Bostridge
September 2023

Vocal Chamber Music Masterclass - Julius Drake
29-31 March 2023

Costs (membership fee: 100€)
All fees paid are refundable only in the event that the School does not activate the course or if Avos Project cannot guarantee the continuation of the course.

Courses included€700
Courses included + 1 masterclass€940
Courses included + 2 masterclass€1160
Courses included + 3 masterclass€1370
Courses included + 4 masterclass€1500
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