Avos Project has decided to invest heavily in beginners' training through an innovative method that aims to fully enhance the talent and application of very young musicians.

In fact, each member will be able to have his or her attendance fee reduced to zero according to the outcome of the in itinere tests that the school will organise every quarter.

In the event of a positive outcome, the school will halve or completely reduce the fee for the following three months.

The course consists of 30 hours of lessons divided into 10 hours every three-months period

Classes will start in October 2023 and end in June 2024. In September 2024 remedial classes, up to a maximum of 3 hours per student, will be held at the teacher's discretion.


In order to be admitted to the course, an acquaintance meeting (without obligation) with the teacher is scheduled to assess the effective interest of the pupil and their family (essential condition for admission to the courses).


Membership and attendance fees will be refundable only in the event of course cancellation by Avos Project.

Membership fee: 100€
Attendance fee: 1410€

First tranche (in every case): 470€
Second Tranche (possibility of 50% or 100% reduction for merit reasons): 470€
Third Tranche (possibility of 50% or 100% reduction for merit reasons): 470€

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Teacher: Nicola Campitelli

The course includes individual meetings on a monthly basis. The course will start in October 2023 and end in May 2024. Make-ups and final concerts are scheduled in June 2024.

The 8 hours of the course will be divided (at no extra cost) into:
- 4 hours with piano accompaniment;
- 4 hours without piano accompaniment.

Costs (subscription fee: 100€)
All fees paid are refundable only in the event that the School does not activate the course or if Avos Project cannot guarantee the continuation of the course.

Number of hoursCost
8 hours€700
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